Safeguarding and Welfare

OUFC aims to provide a safe, welcoming environment for fencers and therefore we have a welfare structure in place to provide support to members of the club.


As we are a university fencing club we follow the university’s safeguarding policy which is set out here:

The university also has two safeguarding officers who you can contact with any concerns:

Julian Duxfield – University’s Director of HR

Gillian Hamnett – Director of Student Welfare and Support Services

Within the Club

Concerns about the welfare of club members may relate to specific situations found within the club. University can prove to be a highly stressful time and most students due to their age can develop various welfare issues, meaning that providing support and safeguarding is a priority. Fencing should act to help alleviate stress by providing a healthy activity with a supporting community. However, often, there will still occassionally be concerns about the welfare of members of the club. Therefore we also have several members of the club who can be contacted about any concerns, whether these arise from fencing or other parts of our members’ lives. If you are concerned for yourself of another member of the club, please contact:

Miranda Stevens – President

Avni Pande – Women’s Captain

Christian Lindsay – Men’s Captain

In addition to these contacts, you can always talk to any member of the committee to raise any concerns or issues.

Please remember that if you are concerned for the immediate safety of an individual, first contact the emergency services (999).