News from the President – 7th Week (2)

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Hi all,

A few more things to take note of this week…

Individual Results

At the Allstar Cup at the weekend ET Segall came away with a bronze medal.
Bryn Saunders travelled to Poland for a Junior A Grade and made the 64.
Congratulations both.

Mens 2nds Results

At the weekend the Mens 2nds went to Birmingham for a quint. They were victorious against UEA and Nottingham but lost out to Brum and Cambridge.
They met Nottingham Trent yesterday in a knockout match and won rather convincingly 135 points to 53. Well done!
Their next match is next Wednesday at Iffley against Cambridge. The time is yet to be confirmed but keep Weds afternoon free if you can because it would be great for them to have support in what will be a good Varsity warm-up match!

News from the President – 6th Week

Written by OUFC Webmaster. Posted in News, Results, Upcoming Competitions

Hi all,

Sports Awards

On Friday evening OUFC and OUMPA coach Tomek Walicki won the Imotiva Coach of the Year Award! Tomek has been coaching at Oxford for 25 years and coaches fencers of all levels – from Beginners to Olympians (Womens foilist Sophie Troiano who went to London 2012 this year was a pupil of his). He gives a great amount of time to the club (at the dinner we calculated that it was 2 years solid of those 25 years actually spent in the cricket schools!) and we are extremely grateful to him for his dedication and excellent teaching. Next time you see him give him a pat on the back and tell him how awesome he is.

Results from the Weekend

This weekend was a successful weekend for both past and present OUFC members…
At the Welsh Open:
Mens Foil… Steven Williams 5th
Womens Foil… EmmaTina Segall 9th
Mens Epee… Matthew Henderson 8th and Matthew Baker 16th
Mens Sabre… Bryn Saunders 3rd
At the Amsterdam Satellite:
Mens Sabre… Alexander Crutchett 2nd
Congratulations to all those who competed.

Future Competitions
Further to the spread sheet of competitions that I put together earlier in the year (which I have attached again), the BFA have just sent round this list of up-coming competitions which may have some more recent links. I hope to see many OUFC members entering!


  • Leeds Open 2012 3rd-4th November 2012 –
  • Docklands BSC Foil – 10th-11th November 2012 –
  • The 4th Allstar Cup – 17th-18th November 2012 –
  • Newham LPJS Foil – 1st-2nd December 2012 –
  • Hereford & Worcester Open – 8th-9th December 2012 –
  • Cambridge Winter Tournament – 5th-6th January 2013 –
  • Merseyside Open 16th-17th February 2013 –
  • Slough Open Tournament – 2nd-3rd February 2013 –

Womens Premiere League
This weekend the Womens Blues team will be heading to Cardiff for the first half of their second round matches. Obviously feel free to go along and support if you wish but short of that please wish them the best of luck.

I’m aware you’re probably sick of these nudges but I can’t emphasise enough how great the charities are that you’ll be raising money for if you book tickst for this years pantomime. I’ve seen some of the run throughs and it looks hilarious.

Hope you all had a great weekend and 6th week has started off well,
ET x