• celine_b.s.
  • President – Céline Brendler-Spaeth – St. John’s
    Céline is a fourth year medical student at St. John’s College. She started fencing around the age of 10 and is a foilist on the blues team with occasional dabbling in épée and sabre. In the past years she’s kept the club not only healthy and safe, but also fun and social, having held previous committee positions of health and safety officer and social sec. She does not enjoy early training sessions but also has never felt awake at any other training sessions. She enjoys colourful fencing kit, colourful emails, admin, colourful art, colourful language on the piste (*actually very rarely*) and the only Ps you need in Ox: plush n PT.

  • mrianda_stevens
  • Secretary – Miranda Stevens – Jesus
    Miranda is a second year biologist a Jesus. She has been fencing for ten years and fences sabre although she has, occasionally, been press-ganged into doing epee (blame Clare). Miranda joined OUFC in her first year and fences sabre on the Blues team. When not fencing she can probably be found socialising or trying to ignore her degree. Do not mention biology to her or she may start to rant.

  • evelyn_qianTreasurer – Violet Solvagansere-Evelyn Qian – Green Templeton
    Evelyn is a fourth year medic at Green Templeton College. She fences sabre ❤ the best weapon; none of those pesky buttons! In her downtime, she enjoys a good book and cup of coffee … or tea. Though those don’t seem to happen too often. Nevertheless, she’s defs up for a friendly chat anytime. 🙂

  • will_halliwell
  • Men’s Captain – Will Halliwell – Worcester
    Will is in his fourth year studying medicine at Worcester College. He’s fenced sabre for 10 years, winning medals at national championships and representing Britain at the under 17 and under 20 level. After 3 years of fencing in the OUFC 1st team he has decided it is time to take matters into his own hands and lead from the front. When he isn’t fencing, Will spends his time listening or playing in various concerts around Oxford, enjoying a gin with former OUFC president Alex Savin, or trying desperately to catch up on sleep.

  • chiara_mcdermott
  • Women’s Captain – Chiara McDermott – Magdalen
    Chiara is starting her second year of Biomedical Sciences with the hope of specialising in Neuroscience. She has fenced foil for 13 years and can just about be persuaded to risk picking up an Epee or Sabre in desperate circumstances. She is currently ranked 4th in the country and a member of the GB team having competed most recently in the Shanghai Grand Prix and Copenhagen Satellite. She also made the mistake of agreeing to referee for British Fencing and now spends her time hunting for Wi-Fi in airports and hotels around Europe in an attempt to not fail her degree. If found, please return to Plush.


  • Beginners’ Secretary – James Parr – Hertford
      I’m a first year undergrad at Hertford and I’m reading English. I do foil and I started fencing with the beginners this Michaelmas just gone. I’m the beginners sec so I’m really keen to meet some of the beginners next year. I really like going on long runs at night and sometimes I go to the library and do my degree.

    • TJ_Fitz
    • Intermediates’ Secretary – TJ Fitzgerald – St. Hilda’s
      TJ is a second year geography student at St Hilda’s College. He has been fencing for eleven years, having competed for both Guernsey and last year the Oxford Assassins foil team. He is also a beginner’s foil coach. He will keep you all updated with everything going on around the club.

    • dan_treacherArmourer – Dan Treacher
      My name’s Dan Treacher and I’m this year’s armourer. I’m a sabreur, and can generally be found on piste at pretty much every training session. I organised all the cupboards, so if you mess things up, I’ll find you.

    • marga_medina
    • Health and Safety Officer – Margareta Medina – Queen’s
      • Margarita is a 2nd year undergraduate student studying Psychology and Philosophy at Queen’s. She has been fencing sabre for the past 4 years and competed with the Assassins last year. Aside from fencing, her other interests include rowing, playing guitar, and occasionally completing her coursework.

      • emilia_clark
      • PR and Alumni Officer – Emilia Clark – New College
        Emilia is in her second year at New College reading Philosophy, Politics and Economics. She started fencing sabre (the only weapon worth fencing) at the age of 12, and fenced for the Assassins last year. When not at training, she’s either doing too much theatre or neglecting her degree – or both!

      • dylan_jones
      • Outreach Officer – Dylan Jones – St. Catz
        A Welshman with a Sabre who studies Law. My role is to reach out and spread the word fencing.

      • tba
      • OUMPA LOuMPA – TBA
        The OUMPA LOUMPA acts as a liaison between OUFC and the modern pentathletes, who share some equipment and training times as well as the occasional coach.

      • doga_basaran
      • IT Officer
        Doga Basaran – St. Peter’s

        Doga is a 3rd year Engineering Science student from Istanbul, Turkey. He’s been on the blues team for two years, and has been fencing sabre for seven.