• avni_pande
  • President – Avni Pande – Exeter
    ​Avni is going into her third year studying PPE at Exeter College. She has fenced foil for 12 years, having represented GB at U17 level, and has fenced on the blues team since coming to Oxford. Having led the women’s teams through a very successful season in 2018-19, she has now taken on the responsibility of President. When not fencing, she can be found drinking too much coffee and avoiding her degree.

  • India_Fox
  • Secretary – India Fox – Trinity
    Indie is a third year Classicist at Trinity college. She has been fencing for three years. Having been part of a formidable social sec duo last year, she is now Avni’s faithful sidekick in running Oxford’s most successful sports club. When she is not fencing, you’ll probably find her chilling on the trin lawns or at a sweaty Fever night.

  • philippa_astleyTreasurer – Joe Pocknell
    Joe is a first year student studying Economics and Management. He has been fencing for 8 years now and represented Great Britain at the U17 European and World Championships. A previous National Champion, he now fences for the Blues and is the current BUCS Individuals Champion. When he’s not at training or coming back from a night out he is undoubtedly, as his degree would suggest, doing something involving money. Whether it be adding, multiplying, or spending, the skills he possesses make him well-suited to keep the club’s finances in good order.

  • Jan Kruszewski
  • Men’s Captain – Jan Kruszewski
    Jan is a former Champion of CEE in historical sabre, multi-medallist of Championships of Poland, and former member of the National Team of Poland.
    Apart from studying maths, he supervises his business (started when he was 16) and sets out an action plan for building a business empire.
    Before empire is created he hopes to lead the men’s team to as many victories as possible (including both BUCS and Varsity!)

  • Caroline Racette
  • Women’s Captain – Caroline Murphy Racette – Somerville
    Caroline is a second year Classicist at Somerville College. Before coming to Oxford, she fenced sabre for 5 years in the United States. She is excited to lead the women’s teams in another successful year!

  • Benj Schneider
  • Social Secretary (Joint) – Benj Schneider – Magdalen
    I’m a fourth year mathematician at Magdalen and have fenced on the British under 20s team. When I’m not jumping around the piste I’m normally jumping to conclusions or off a punt.
  • Alec Watson
  • Social Secretary (Joint) – Alec Watson – Brasenose
    Alec is a first year Classicist at Brasenose, he fenced as captain of his school for two years and since coming to Oxford has been on the second team foil. When he is not busy injuring Avni or organising sick events with the sage advice of his ancient mentor Benj, you can see him acting on stage or more likely crying over his verb tables in the library.

  • george_andrews
  • Beginners’ Secretary – Gautam Bhatia
    Gautam is a Second-Year D.Phil (Law) student. He has fenced for a year, recently switched weapons, and is not even remotely close to representing his country at any level – something that makes him well-suited to being the Beginners’ Secretary for 2019/2010. As a former novice varsity team-member and avid participant in various Beginners’ Competitions, he is looking forward to help this year’s Beginner’s cohort navigate their way through an exciting calendar.

  • TJ_Fitz
  • Intermediates’ Secretary – TJ Fitzgerald – St. Hilda’s
    TJ is a second year geography student at St Hilda’s College. He has been fencing for eleven years, having competed for both Guernsey and last year the Oxford Assassins foil team. He is also a beginner’s foil coach. He will keep you all updated with everything going on around the club.

  • bryan_chengArmourer – Bryan Cheng – Pembroke
    Bryan is a second year Physics and Philosophy student at Pembroke College. Having fenced foil for around 10 years, his equipment has broken and malfunctioned in the inhospitably humid weather of Hong Kong countless times. As a result, he’s developed a peculiar liking for fixing any broken equipment lying around. Feel free to ask him to fix any fencing equipment that’s gone wonky, whether club or personal. If you find broken kit, or wish to borrow club kit, please fill in these forms:

    Broken kit –
    Borrowing kit –

  • Ari Warrington
  • Health and Safety Officer – Ari Warrington – Somerville
  • Ari is a second year student studying German and Linguistics at Somerville. He has been fencing for 10 years, beginning in foil and switching to sabre. He has represented Australia at both U17 and U20 level at South-East Asian, Asian and World Championship level. Currently Ari fences on the men’s Assassins squad. He’s been clubbing once, and he didn’t like it so please don’t make him go again.

  • Lucas Bunnetat
  • PR and Alumni Officer – Lucas Bunnetat
    Lucas is one of the club’s novice coaches and has been fencing at OUFC for too long five years. By day, he is a fundraising manager for University College. By night, a modern dance enthusiast with a passion for pottery. He is responsible for the club’s external relations and for keeping former members engaged and up to date with the club today.

  • dylan_jones
  • Outreach Officer – Dylan Jones – St. Catz
    A Welshman with a Sabre who studies Law. My role is to reach out and spread the word fencing.

  • tba
  • OUMPA LOuMPA – Olivia Tomlin – Merton
    Olivia is a fourth year Classicist at Merton college. She joined the beginners’ program three years ago and has not looked back since, fencing Epee both for OUFC and for Modern Pentathlon. With Thursday evening training being a good excuse to miss Pent swim training (yuck), she remains a committed member of both clubs. Has spent more time studying in the Iffley cafe than in her own college library the past two terms…

  • George_andrews
  • Webmaster
    George Andrews – Christ Church

    And thus, the website was wrested from the grasp of darkness, and a new era would begin
    My name is George Andrews, going into my third year of Maths and Computer Science at Christ Church. As the second half of my subject indicates, I am a master of the website arts, with extensive experience in changing words in HTML and typing names into search bars. I am similarly, though less masterfully, going into my third year as a fencer as a now fully converted epeeist, who also occasionally enjoys sabre for fun, but has a strong passionate hate of foil. I am the one who shall remove you from the mailing list, and strongly inconvenience you if you unnecessarily reply all. Respect me or not, but if you disrespect the IT, you will come to fear me instead.