The 2015/16 committee is now taking over, and this page will be updated shortly.

  • ali_sharp
  • President – Alastair Sharp – Magdalen
    Alastair is a fourth year undergraduate studying Chemistry. He is an epeeist, who fenced in the 2014 Varsity match for the Blues. He regularly fences on the domestic circuit and aims to convert his Half Blue to a Full Blue in 2015. In his spare time he can be found sitting in one of Oxford’s many pubs, playing a myriad of other sports or relaxing on the river somewhere.
  • hannah_schneiders
  • Secretary – Hannah Schneiders – St Hilda’s
    Hannah started fencing at OUFC in her first year and went on to fence all three weapons for the Assassins over the past three years, two of them as Captain. She is now focusing on developing her sabre. There’s not room for much outside OUFC, but when time permits she dabbles in Modern Pentathlon and Medicine. When not doing sport or pretending to be a doctor she enjoys long walks outdoors and chasing sticks.


  • Profile picTreasurer – Grace Segall – University
    Grace is an undergraduate Biochemistry student. This is her second role on the committee, having been Outreach Officer for the club last year, organising taster sessions in local primary schools. She has fenced foil for the Women’s Blues for two years and has represented Great Britain at Cadet level and been selected for the Junior squad. When not fencing she enjoys frequenting the front row of Zumba with the rest of the women’s team.
  • justin_bewsher
  • Men’s Captain – Justin Bewsher – St. Hugh’s
    Social Sec makes good (and Aussie #2).
  • harriet_dixon
  • Women’s Captain – Harriet Dixon – Somerville
    New Francine.
  • imogen_stead
  • Social Sec. (Joint) – Imogen Stead – New
    Imogen “Imo” Stead is a 2nd year studying Classics. She would describe herself as a mediocre epeeist and a piss-poor sabreur. When not confined to the library with a hangover, she is to be found fencing Epee for the Women’s Blues or playing StarCraft II. Consequently, she has an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things social.
  • antoine_grey
  • Social Sec. (Joint) – Antoine Grey – Queen’s
    Despite holding one of the prestigious OUFC ‘Ironman’ titles, Antoine is actually the resident puppy dog of the club. Fencing isn’t his only occupation – when left to his own devices he can be found doing a human flag and backflipping his way around Oxford. However, when he’s not pretending to be old spice he’s one of the most sociable guys around: in fact, if you were to describe him in one word it would be ‘mushroom’, ‘cos he’s just such a fun guy!
  • emily_liddiard
  • Beginners’ Secretary – Emily Liddiard – St. Hugh’s
    Emily is a second year medic. She started fencing in January this year and is yet to represent the club in any competition, but hopes to in the future. Email her if you’re new to fencing and want to give it a try; she was in the same position only recently! Outside of OUFC she acts, plays with her jazz band, and probably drinks far too much tea.
  • maddi_pearce
  • Intermediates’ Secretary – Maddi Pearce – Hertford
    Maddi is starting a DPhil in Biological Sciences. Predominantly she is a foilist, having competed on the blues team at foil for two years but has been known to pick up a sabre when needed, she also coaches beginners foil. Outside of OUFC she competes on the domestic foil circuit and in what little time isn’t spent fencing or attempting to convince people her degree is not just watching David Attenborough, she enjoys watching David Attenborough, writing, listening to music and the occasional trip to Park End.
  • Harry Bio PicArmourer – Harry Morgan – New
    Harry is a 2nd year chemist, who started fencing foil and épée at school, where he also spent some time building and repairing weapons. Having achieved competitive mediocrity as an under 18, he continues to fence both weapons at OUFC and hopes to compete for Oxford one day. Outside of fencing time Harry can be found gaming, lazing in a pub or playing the recorder.
  • et_segall
  • Health and Safety Officer – Emma-Tina Segall – Hertford
  • ET is a 6th year Medic, she has climbed the ranks of the OUFC Committee going from Social Sec to Captain to President before descending again to Secretary and now retiring to the post of H&S for her final year. She has gained a Full Blue by fencing for the Womens Blues Team every year since she arrived in Oxford (fencing all 3 weapons for the team at some point, although primarily being a foilist) and has recently competed for GBR at U23 and Senior level. When she isn’t fencing, she’s saving lives in the JR or singing with a cappella group the Aneurhythms. She’s 5 ft tall and blonde and is rarely seen in clothing without the word Oxford on it. Rumour has it she plans on getting a tattoo of the OUFC crest on her hip… She considers herself both Healthy and Safe.
  • natalie_page
  • PR and Alumni Officer – Natalie Page – Brasenose
    Aussie #1 (ladies first).
  • alex_savin
  • Outreach Officer – Alex Savin – LMH
    Alex, more commonly known as Savin, is a 3rd year physicist. If you can’t find him in a pub (Eagle & Child!!!), he will be found in G&Ds. If not, he will probably be stowed away in the isolated kingdom of LMH that can be found north of the Wall. If you don’t know where that is either read/watch Game of Thrones and then talk to him about it and he will be very happy :)
  • alex_fraser
  • OUMPA LOOMPA – Alex Fraser – Queen’s
    Club stalwart.