• celine_b.s.
  • President – Chiara McDermott – Magdalen
    ​Chiara is starting her third year of Biomedical Sciences specialising in Neuroscience. She has fenced foil for 13 years and can just about be persuaded to risk picking up an Epee or Sabre in desperate circumstances. She is currently ranked 4th in the country, fences for the GB team and has recently qualified for the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Canberra, as part of the England team. She also made the mistake of agreeing to referee for British Fencing and now spends her time hunting for Wi-Fi in airports and hotels around Europe in an attempt to not fail her degree. If found, please return to Plush.”

  • tj_fitzgerald
  • Secretary – TJ Fitzgerald – St. Hilda’s
    TJ is a third year geography student at St Hilda’s College. He has been fencing for twelve years, having competed both for Guernsey in the Commonwealth Games, and for the Oxford Assassins foil team. He is also a beginner’s foil coach. He will keep you all updated with everything going on around the club.

  • philippa_astleyTreasurer – Philippa Astley – Christ Church
    Philippa is a second year student studying Classical Archaeology and Ancient History and began fencing in the Beginner’s Programme last year. Despite fencing for such a short time she is incredibly enthusiastic (some would say obsessive) and will attend literally anything with ‘fencing’ in the title. When not fencing she will most likely be found in the Sackler, the Ashmolean or wandering through the streets of Oxford.

  • christian_lindsay
  • Men’s Captain – Christian Lindsay – St. Edmund Hall
    Christian is in his third year studying geography at Teddy Hall. He’s been fencing sabre for 12 years, representing both GB and England at under 17 level, and has now been on the Blues Team for 2 years. Having lost two varsity matches in a row, he has decided to take charge of the men’s team and steer them towards victory. When he’s not too busy injuring himself, you can find Christian training hard, socialising harder and working hardest… oh wait no he does geography.

  • avni_pande
  • Women’s Captain – Avni Pande – Exeter
    Avni is starting her second year studying PPE at Exeter College. She has fenced foil for eleven years, having represented GB at U17 level, and started fencing on the blues team during her first year. When not fencing, she can be found drinking too much coffee and doing anything except her degree.


  • Beginners’ Secretary – George Andrews – Christ Church
      My name is George and I’m going into my second year of Maths and computer science from Christ Church college. I started fencing with the beginner’s program last year, and currently do not have a decided weapon. I can’t wait to get involved in the beginner’s program again, and will almost certainly be around during most intermediate sessions too.

    • TJ_Fitz
    • Intermediates’ Secretary – TJ Fitzgerald – St. Hilda’s
      TJ is a second year geography student at St Hilda’s College. He has been fencing for eleven years, having competed for both Guernsey and last year the Oxford Assassins foil team. He is also a beginner’s foil coach. He will keep you all updated with everything going on around the club.

    • miranda_stevensArmourer – Miranda Stevens
      Miranda is a third year biologist at Jesus. She has been fencing for eleven years, and is a sabreur on the blues team. A dedicated member of the club, Miranda was secretary last year, and has been a member of OUFC since she joined the university. When not fencing or working, Miranda stress-bakes and reads. She is always willing to try to help you fix your kit, and will look after the club kit this year. If you find broken kit, or wish to borrow club kit, please fill in these forms:

      Broken kit –
      Borrowing kit –

    • ruben_nathaniel_drayton
    • Health and Safety Officer – Ruben Nathaniel Drayton – Trinity
      • Ruben is a 2nd year PhilThe student from Finland who has been fencing for 8 years (and stopped making progress about halfway through). If he’s not holding a sabre he is probably off somewhere looking for interesting people to befriend. As the H&S officer he will try to make sure that no one dies.

      • emilia_clark
      • PR and Alumni Officer – Emilia Clark – New College
        Emilia is in her second year at New College reading Philosophy, Politics and Economics. She started fencing sabre (the only weapon worth fencing) at the age of 12, and fenced for the Assassins last year. When not at training, she’s either doing too much theatre or neglecting her degree – or both!

      • dylan_jones
      • Outreach Officer – Dylan Jones – St. Catz
        A Welshman with a Sabre who studies Law. My role is to reach out and spread the word fencing.

      • tba
      • OUMPA LOuMPA – TBA
        The OUMPA LOUMPA acts as a liaison between OUFC and the modern pentathletes, who share some equipment and training times as well as the occasional coach.

      • sebastian_monnet
      • Webmaster
        Sebastian Monnet – Worcester

        The master of webs. The lord of the rings. The dark lord or the Sith. You have entered my domain. “Who am I?”, you may ask. “How did I get here?”, you wonder. None of it matters. None of it. This is the way it is. The way it must always be.