• alex_savin
  • President – Alex Savin – Lady Margaret Hall
    Alex, more commonly known as Savin, is a first-year DPhil student in his fifth year with OUFC (and then many more years with BFA). If you can’t find him in a pub (usually Eagle & Child), he will be found in G&Ds. If not, he will probably be stowed away in the isolated kingdom of LMH, north of the Wall. If you don’t know where that is either read/watch Game of Thrones and then talk to him about it and he will be very happy 🙂

  • maddi_pearce
  • Secretary – Maddi Pearce – Hertford
    Maddi is starting the third year of her DPhil in Biological Sciences. Predominantly she is a foilist, having competed on the Blues team at foil for two years, but she has been known to pick up a sabre when needed. She also coaches beginners foil, and competes domestically. In what little time isn’t spent fencing or attempting to convince people her degree is not just watching David Attenborough, she enjoys watching David Attenborough, writing and the occasional trip to Park End.

  • katrina_badiolaTreasurer – Kat Badiola – Hertford
    Kat is a third year DPhil student in Organic Chemistry. She joined the club on the beginners’ program, and has since continued on as an aspirant foilist. No sabre. Definitely not a sabreur. When not fencing, Kat is likely to be found hidden away in the lab, crunching numbers for the club’s funds, or wandering the city centre in search of food.

  • trevelyan_wing
  • Men’s Captain – Trevelyan Wing – St John’s
    Trevelyan (“T-Bone”) is an MPhil student in Environmental Change and Management. He has fenced for 16 years while frenetically moving between the US, mainland Europe, and Asia, and joined the OUFC Blues squad in 2015. As a naive lad he pursued sabre and foil, before seeing the light and switching to epee – incontrovertibly the best weapon. When not fencing, Trevy can be found socializing or (more rarely) studying in the Rad Cam, despairing over politics and climate change, traveling, and eating mangos.

  • helena_rodriguez_caro
  • Women’s Captain – Helena Rodriguez Caro – St Cross
    Helena is a second year DPhil student at Nuffield Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology who has been fencing epee for over 8 years. She joined the Oxford University Fencing Club in 2014 when she started in the women second teams before joining the Blues team in 2015/2016. After a few years away from the Spanish domestic epee circuit she started this year to compete in the British one. When not fencing, she enjoys dancing and spending time outside.

  • celine_brendler-spaeth
  • Social Secretary (Joint) – Celina Brendler-Spaeth
    Celine is a third year medical student at St John’s. She started fencing at around the age of 10 and competed at both national and international Cadet and Junior levels. Currently a foilist and also epeeist for the OUFC women’s Blues team, but will most likely never dabble in sabre. She is experienced in being both a secretary and being social and is highly committed to making OUFC into the Oxford University Fun Club.
  • doga_basaran
  • Social Secretary (Joint) – Doga Basaran
    Doga (pronounced “Dowa”) is a first year Engineering Science student at St. Peter’s. He fences sabre on the Blues squad. If you don’t have the opportunity to have a chat with him during training, you can almost always find him in Wahoo or Emporium. He (needless to say) enjoys socialising, and giving improv speeches.

    sam_bradleyBeginners’ Secretary – Samuel Bradley – Oriel
    Sam joined OUFC last year and went straight to the Blues team, as well as coaching a number of the beginners’ sessions throughout the year. He continues his coaching tradition as the beginners’ secretary for 2016.

  • evelyn_qian
  • Intermediates’ Secretary – Evelyn Qian – Exeter
    Evelyn is a sabreur, third year medic and your intermediates secretary for this year. She hopes to keep you all updated with competitions and events, and always welcomes any questions or concerns!

  • margarita_medinaArmourer – Margareta Medina
    Margarita is a 2nd year undergraduate student studying Psychology and Philosophy at Queen’s. She has been fencing sabre for the past 4 years and competed with the Assassins last year. Aside from fencing, her other interests include rowing, playing guitar, and occasionally completing her coursework.

  • vinton_cheng
  • Health and Safety Officer – Vinton Cheng – Wolfson
  • Vinton is entering the second year of a DPhil in Oncology. In a not-so-former life he was a training oncologist, but has given this up to devote his (terrible) skills in plaster sticking and bandaging to OUFC as H&S Officer. Having trained in foil from his undergrad years, Vinton is known to dabble in sabre and epee. When not fencing, he can be found in the faraway lands of north Oxford or – weather permitting – on a punt.

  • liam_stigant
  • PR and Alumni Officer – Liam Stigant – Jesus
    After serving as Secretary last year, Liam continues his tenure on the commitee as the PR and Alumni officer, keeping the club in touch with its many alumni and old members.

  • will_halliwell
  • Outreach Officer – Will Halliwell – Worcester
    Will, an honorary Spice Girl, fenced sabre for the Blues last year. He returns to OUFC for more fencing and to spread the love of the sport to more people!

  • tba
    The OUMPA LOUMPA acts as a liaison between OUFC and the modern pentathletes, who share some equipment and training times as well as the occasional coach.

  • katriel_cohn-gordon
  • IT Officer
    Katriel Cohn-Gordon – Merton

    Katriel is a DPhil student in cyber security at Merton. He is going into his fourth year of a DPhil, having been a first-year at Oxford no fewer than three times (if you count them just right). He has fenced every year this millenium, originally representing the Other Place but soon moving to OUFC after seeing the error of his ways.