• joe_pocknell
  • President – Joe Pocknell – Hertford

    Joe is a finalist studying Economics and Management at Hertford College. Last year’s Treasurer, this year he will lead the OUFC ship! Following on from a very successful year, he is excited to raise OUFC’s profile as a club, further improve the beginners and intermediates programmes, and make the club an even more inclusive and enjoyable place for all.

    Joe has been fencing for 10 years, has represented Team GB on the Senior World Cup Circuit, and is a former Cadet British National Champion and BUCS Individuals National Champion. He is also a qualified coach for OUFC. Outside of fencing he enjoys tennis, squash, and social croquet.

  • justin_ko
  • Secretary – Justin Ko – Keble

    Justin is a 4th year engineer studying at Keble College. He has been fencing for 10 years, and represented the Hong Kong Junior Fencing Team. When not fencing, he is probably sleeping.

  • philippa_astleyTreasurer – Kelan Patel – Balliol

    Hi all! I’m Kelan and the current OUFC treasurer. I am a 4th year Engineer at Balliol College and this is my second year fencing with the club!

  • Bryan Cheng
  • Men’s Captain – Bryan Cheng – Pembroke

    Bryan is a third year Physics and Philosophy student at Pembroke College. Having fenced foil for eleven years and laboured through the position of armourer for the past year and a half, he is eager to lead the newest amazing iteration of the men’s team through all odds, whether it be the coronavirus or against the Tabs. When not recklessly trying to flick on the piste, he is most often found wildly air conducting to classical music.

  • India_Fox
  • Women’s Captain – India Fox – Trinity

    Indie is a fourth year Classicist at Trinity. Having been on the seconds for two years and the past year on the Blues, she climbs yet higher to take on the captaincy. This girl is ready to shoe and bleeds dark blue. No oversized Tab will stand in her way.

  • archie_watt
  • Social Secretary (Joint) – Archie Watt – Teddy Hall

    Archie is a first-year medic at Teddy Hall, having fenced for 11 years he is now part of the Blues team. You may see him running to and from training or if you’re lucky, in Bully. He is excited to plan and attend some awesome socials.

  • daniel_felföldi
  • Social Secretary (Joint) – Daniel Felföldi – Merton

    I’m Daniel, a biochemist at Merton College going to my third year. I have been fencing sabre for over 12 years now. During my second year I fenced for the Assassins. I’m here to have some fun and organise some events for you to have a good laugh.

  • george_andrews
  • Welfare Officer – Caroline Murphy Racette – Somerville

    Caroline Murphy-Racette is a third year Classicist at Somerville. She has been a sabreur for the Women’s Blues Team since coming to Oxford, and fenced on the US national circuit for three years before that. Caroline served as Women’s Captain last year, and looks forward to pioneering this new role with her fabulous co-officer George!

  • george_andrews
  • Welfare Officer – George Andrews – Christ Church

    George is going into his fourth year studying Mathematics and Computer Science at Christ Church. He’s been fencing since the start of his first year, where he attended the beginners program, before fencing epee on the Assassins. He served as Webmaster and Beginner’s Secretary before that and is looking forward to a new role with his wonderful co-officer Caroline

  • george_andrews
  • Beginners’ Secretary – Tereza Malacova – Wadham

    Tereza is a first year MPhil in Economics student at Wadham College. She has done an undergraduate degree in PPE at Lincoln College and joined the OUFC beginners’ course in her third year. She has fenced on the Seconds in her first year of fencing and earned the Justice Cup for the best Novice in the club. When she’s not overly enthusiastic about fencing, she likes to draw, explore the world of The Witcher 3, and cook.

  • Gautam_Bhatia
  • Intermediates’ Secretary – Gautam Bhatia – Balliol

    Bhatia is the Intermediates’ Secretary for 2020-21. Before this, he was the Beginners’ Secretary, and before that, a Beginner, so this seems somewhat logical. He’s a third-year D.Phil (law) at Balliol College, got into fencing because of a childhood obsession with lightsabers, and fences epee for the Mens IIs.

  • Graham MatthewsArmourer – Graham Matthews – Merton

    I’m a (soon-to-be) 3rd year physicist at Merton. I’ve been fencing epee for 8 years in the United States, fencing at the national level for several years. Plenty of my weapons have broken in that time, so I have lots of experience with fixing broken kit. Feel free to ask him to fix any fencing equipment that’s gone wonky, whether club or personal.

    Broken kit –

    Borrowing kit –

  • Will Halliwel
  • Health and Safety Officer – Will Halliwel – Worcester

    Will is in his sixth (and hopefully final) year reading Medicine at Worcester College. He has been on the Men’s First Team for what feels like too long, and has previously been Social Secretary, Alumni Officer, and Men’s Captain. As a veteran of the club he will bring his considerable experience to bear against his sworn enemy: fencers standing dangerously on the end of his piste. When Will isn’t busy being Healthy and Safe at OUFC he spends his time playing snooker, drinking gin, or avoiding his degree.

  • Céline Brendler-Spaeth
  • PR and Alumni Officer – Céline Brendler-Spaeth – St. John’s

    Céline is a final year medic at St. John’s College and has been a member of OUFC for 6 years. She started fencing foil at the age of 12, and since also dabbled in épée and sabre. Since joining the club, she has been a member of both the Assassins and Blues teams. Having been a club member for quite a long time and having held a number of committee positions in the past, including president and social secretary, she is well placed to keep former members of the club up to date and engaged with current club activities and events, and managing the club’s externa relations and press.

  • Alex Rutherford
  • Outreach Officer – Alex Rutherford – Pembroke

    I am a third-year Engineering student at Pembroke College. I have fenced primarily Epee for a number of years, trying to use my long arms to make up for a lack of coordination. Hopefully, these will also help me reach out and spread the word about OUFC.

  • tba
  • MWOP – Alec Watson – Brasenose
    Alec is a third year studying Classics at Brasenose. He has been on the Men’s Assassins team for 2 years and has previously been on the committee as Social Secretary. In his free time he likes to complain about how little free time he has while not doing his work.

  • tba
  • MWOP – Robin Gerlach – Mansfield
    Robin is going into his 3rd year studying Maths at Mansfield college. As last year’s Men’s Assassins captain he had a taste of a committee position involving actual responsibility so has opted for a role with none of the duties but all of the access to snacks. His other fencing accolades include being Under 11, Under 13 and Under 15 Cambridgeshire county champion

  • George_andrews
  • Webmaster – Pawel Sawicz – Kellogg

    Pawel is a postgrad student doing MSc in Software Engineering at Kellogg. He started fencing in 2019. In OUFC serving as webmaster. Huge fan of british ale and pie