• matt_henderson
  • President – Matt Henderson - University
    Matt is an undergraduate English student at Univ.  He is a Blues epee fencer, competing in the last two Varsity matches and was Outreach Officer last year. Outside of OUFC, he competes on the domestic circuit, ranked 8th in Great Britain for Men’s Epee and has represented both Great Britain and England as a Cadet, Junior and Senior.
  • et_segall
  • Secretary – Emma-Tina Segall - Hertford
    ET is a 4th year (5th year as of June 2013) Medic at Hertford College. She has climbed the ranks of the OUFC Committee going from Social Sec to Captain to President (and is now descending again). She has gained a Full Blue by fencing for the Womens Blues Team every year since she arrived in Oxford (fencing all 3 weapons at some point across those years, although primarily being a foilist) and has recently been competing for GBR at U23 and Senior level. When she isn’t fencing, she’s saving lives in the JR or raising money for charity with a group of medical students called the Tingewick society. She’s 5 ft tall and blonde and is rarely seen in clothing without the word Oxford on it. Rumour has it she plans on getting a tattoo of the OUFC crest on her hip…
  • camilla_higgins
  • Treasurer – Camilla Higgins - Christ Church
    Camilla is an undergraduate Law student at Christ Church. For the last year she has been fencing on the Women’s Seconds Team and fencing whichever weapon she is told to fence. Although with a sword she may not be hugely threatening, just wait for a game of Mafia!
  • alex_robinson
  • Men’s Captain – Alex Robinson - Christ Church
    Alex is a 3rd year undergraduate studying Biochemistry at Christ Church. He has been fencing since he was 8 and on the 1st team since he arrived at Oxford. Outside of OUFC he is a totally regular guy.
  • francine_robbWomen’s Captain – Francine Robb - Brasenose
    Francine is a 4th year student studying History and French. She first started fencing (sabre) back when she started secondary school, and has gone on to represent her school (winning the Public Schools’ Championships in 2010), County, Region and Country. Whilst she fenced for Great Britain at U17 and U20 level, she has recently taken some time away from this level to focus on OUFC. She has also represented Northern Ireland at a Senior level. More recently she has started to referee at a relatively high standard, including international quarter-finals matches. When not fencing, she enjoys writing, drinking tea and buying dresses (in Oxford blue, of course).
  • OUFC Website
  • Armourer – Ali Sharp – Magdalen
    Ali is a third year undergraduate chemistry student at Magdalen. He competed in the 2013 Varsity match as an epeeist for the Assassins. As armourer his job is to maintain club kit and can help to fix any club member’s own equipment, although it’s probably quicker to go to CJ.
  • madison_pearce
  • Safety Officer – Madison Pearce - Hertford
    Maddi is an undergraduate in Biological Sciences at Hertford College. Last year she was social secretary and had an impressive knowledge of pubs and clubs but this year is Health and Safety Officer, with an impressive knowledge of the first aid kit. Predominantly she is a foilist, having competed on the blues team at foil for two years but has been known to pick up a sabre when needed, she also coaches beginners foil. Outside of OUFC she competes on the domestic foil circuit and in what little time isn’t spent fencing or attempting to convince people her degree is not just watching David Attenborough, she enjoys watching David Attenborough, writing, listening to music and the occasional trip to Park End.
  • damian_winter
  • Webmaster – Damian Winter - New
    Having been at OUFC for an unnatural amount of time, Damian is excited to begin his role as the special IT guy this year. He is looking forward to finally putting the ridiculous amounts of computer paraphernalia in his room to good use, as well as being the token Asian in an otherwise white committee. He has been fencing for a while now and would describe himself as a mediocre sabreur and a piss poor epeeist. In his free time he enjoys drinking bubble tea, antagonising people with his frankly bizarre refereeing style and watching films originally created for teenage girls.
  • hannah_schneiders
  • Alumni Officer - Hannah Schneiders - St Hilda’s
    Hannah is a 3rd year medic at St Hilda’s College. She is a foilist but has recently taken up epee and sabre, and is captain of the Womens Seconds Team for the second year running. She has previously held the role of Intermediate Secretary for OUFC and competes in Modern Pentathlon outside of fencing.
  • joe_pearce
  • Intermediates’ Secretary – Joseph Pearce - Exeter
    Joe is a Chemistry undergrad at Exeter College. He has been fencing since he was 12 and will happy have a stab at any of the three weapons. Joe has competed for the 2nds in 2 Varsity matches, been Health & Safety Officer and Secretary as well as coaching the Club’s beginners in foil. His other interests include: listening to the music of artists such as IAMX, White Rose Movement and Lovedrug; playing drums, guitar, bass and just about any other instrument he can get his hands on; baking cakes; amassing a collection of stylish hats; and of course, moonlit walks on the beach.
  • dan_fox
  • OUMPA LOOMPA – Dan Fox - Magdalen
    Dan is the Oxford University Modern Penthathlon Association Liason Officer to Our Motherf*cking Phencing Association, and studies computer science at Magdalen.  He fences épée as part of the Modern Pentathlon, which in many ways is an infinitely better sport that plain fencing.  He has competed in the last two Varsity matches and numerous national events, but is yet to represent OUFC.  In short, if you want to beat a committee member, ask Dan to fence.
  • chris_jones2
  • MWOP - Chris Jones – St. Peter’s
    Arseface is still here.