Below are some links to sites where you can get helpful information on all things fencing, including specifics on competitions. The Club will endeavour to help with your fencing throughout your time at Oxford so if you have any questions please contact one of the committee as required.


Advice on Fencing Matters

You can always talk to club officers and other fencers. However, you can also find information on message boards where people are very helpful, you will need to register to contribute: (US forum) (UK forum)

Rules and Armoury

Do you want to understand the rules better? You can download the updated rule book from the BFA and the advice given to referees. In addition, rules and refereeing are discussed on both the forums above. There are also courses to qualify as referees (see the section on camps for website details). In order to pass, one needs to really learn the rules. Downloadable FIE Competition Rules (Courtesy of BFA) The BFA referee's committee guidance for referees Equipment advice on how things work can be found at Leon Paul (fencing equipment manufacturers) and from this handy guide from the Canadian fencing federation. Armoury Guide (Courtesy of Leon Paul) Armoury Guide (Courtesy of CFF)

Training Times

Please see the training timetable on this page.

All sessions are taught in the cricket schools, at Iffley Road sports centre. Kit is provided for intermediates, but it is not guaranteed that at any time sufficient electric kit will be available, so it is good to have your own (it's also nice to have kit which you can wash yourself).

There is free fencing on Thursdays for intermediates and above, in all three weapons, from 8.30 to 10.30pm, which also provides a good chance to fence with the advanced fencers and learn from them. These frequently run through the vacations, although it can be advisable in the vacation to check in advance someone will be fencing your weapon.

Coached group sabre and foil intermediate sessions also take place, 45-minute in length, each week in term, scheduled at the beginning of each term. There is also a combined sabre and foil intermediate session which takes place on Saturday mornings. They are included in intermediate membership. To keep up to date with them you should be on the club mailing list, or email the intermediates' secretary if you have any questions.

Intermediate Competitions

Competitions are a great way to gain experience and make new friends in the club. The club encourages intermediate fencers to participate in competitions, notably BUCS individuals, smaller Opens, Regional, County events and Novice competitions. The competitions are set at different levels, so whatever stage you are in fencing, we are sure to find the right competition for you.

Warwick Novices

We encourage our newly intermediate fencers to attend the Warwick novice competition (usually at the start of Michaelmas). This is an especially good competition for gaining confidence and can be extremely enjoyable. There is always a range of experience of fencers, from nearly complete beginners to those with two years experience. To compete you must have been fencing for under two years, and have BFA membership.

There are also a plethora of other competions, and the club will endeavour to help with your fencing throughout your time at Oxford so if you have any questions, such as whether a competition is suitable for your experience level, please contact the intermediate secretary, or any other committee member as required. 

Happy Fencing!