Individual Lessons

Lessons are with Tomek Walicki, our club coach. He is a skilled fencing coach and is able to give instruction in every weapon. He has coached successful fencers in all age groups both on a national and international level.  Tomek also coaches at Salle Boston.

Times for lessons are arranged through the mailing list before each term. For further information, e-mail the club treasurer.

Up to date prices are available by e-mailing the treasurer. You pay for the whole term, regardless of how many lessons you take. These lessons still represent excellent value for money, and are club subsidised to cover Tomek’s transport to and from Oxford. Tomek’s excellent coaching in all three weapons remains an integral part of the club’s success, both at individual team levels, and he is a devoted member of OUFC.

Instructions for Booking

Booking sessions is normally done by:

1) Sending an email to the club treasurer with the forthcoming term and ‘Tomek Lessons’ in the subject line (eg: ‘HT08 Tomek Lessons’). Your e-mail may well be ignored if you don’t.

2) Include how much time you would like, and when you would like it (e.g. two 15 minute slots, one on Friday morning pre-11AM and one Monday PM.)

3) Lessons can be booked in multiples of 15 minutes, and they are booked for the entirety of the term. No ‘half’ bookings. If we agree a slot, and you can no longer take it during term, it is your responsibility to advertise it, inform Tomek etc. Lessons can be traded or sold using our club mailing list.

4) If you only give one option, it’s not going to be guaranteed you get it. Please give me options if you wish to be best placed. Preference will initially go to returning squad members, but everyone should submit ASAP. If you are a new squad member, please indicate this.

5) Cheques are due by the end of 1st week, although ideally you will get in as soon as your slot is confirmed. Cheques should be given to the treasurer.

6) Most sessions are coached in the cricket schools, but some are in the squash or rugby fives courts. Normally the individuals who take those slots will be mailed separately to remind them.

If any of you know of new fencers joining OUFC who might want lessons, please let them and the treasurer know – it is extremely difficult to accommodate freshers’ requests which normally arrive after term has begun, often leading to disappointment.