Why Oxford Fencing?

In addition to the obvious academic and social benefits of Oxford, there are many reasons to choose Oxford as a place to fence. OUFC has a long successful history as a fencing club, for example in BUSA and in Varsity.

From novice to advanced, OUFC provides a safe, friendly, and fun place to train, with an excellent atmosphere, and good coaching for all levels.

We have the services of Tomek Walicki, one of the best foil coaches in the UK, and an excellent all-round coach. The club offers subsidised lessons with Tomek, who comes to coach for over 15 hours a week.

Squad fencers benefit from a weekly hour squad training session and a single “invitation only” free fencing night a week. Senior fencers are encouraged to qualify as coaches, with training paid for by the club, and they can then teach classes in return for lessons with Tomek.

The team and club spirit is excellent and we provide an excellent environment for all standards of fencer from international to beginner. Further information can be found for each specific tier, whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced.


OUFC trains in the Cricket Schools in the Oxford University Sports Centre on Iffley Road. There are four marked pistes and (at a pinch) we can run five pistes. The club owns a number of boxes and spools. We are able to leave bags at the Cricket Schools, although weapons must be locked away and the Secretary must be sent a description of the bag. We have electric kit and weapons for foil, epee and sabre, as well as non-electric kit sufficient for all the different classes run by the club.

Useful Contacts

If you need any further information, the committee would be more than happy to help. Advanced fencers may wish to contact the respective team captains.