Below is a summary of the different membership types available for the club, including the availability of training sessions for each category.



Those with little or no fencing experience, who wish to be trained by OUFC. Most beginners will take weekly foil classes (with a view to perhaps competing in the Novice Varsity match in Summer Term), though beginner epee classes are also available in conjunction with the Oxford pentathletes (OUMPA).

Beginner fencers will be insured through the club’s social membership with the BFA, upon payment of their fees.


  • Can attend any beginner class in foil or epee offered by the club. Please note that we will not accept complete beginners past the third week of Michaelmas, though do plan to have another complete beginner class starting in Hilary. Attendance to more than one weekly class may be possible once class sizes stabilize later in Michaelmas.
  • Access to club kit during these sessions.



Recommended for those who have fenced for at least a year previously, in any weapon. With review by coaches or captains in the club, intermediates may be advised to train at an advanced level.

Intermediate fencers are recommended to have BFA membership, with the insurance that this provides: otherwise they will be covered by the club’s social membership upon payment of their fees, but unable to fence without the presence of one of the club coaches.


  • Can attend any intermediate class offered by the club: these are offered by club coach Tomek in foil and sabre, and in epee in conjunction with OUMPA (Tuesday beginner/intermediate epee classes becoming more useful to intermediate epeeists as term progresses).
  • Can attend any beginner class offered by the club (though not recommendable at the start of Michaelmas, due to large class sizes), for revision or extra practice. If beginner class sizes swell, beginners are prioritized in regards to kit.
  • Can purchase private lessons with Tomek, in whichever weapon, at the start of each term.
  • Can attend free fencing on Thursday and Friday evenings.
  • Access to club kit during these sessions.



Experienced fencers, generally with several years of experience, who might be aiming to train with or compete for the OUFC teams – the men’s/women’s 1st teams (‘Blues’) or men’s/women’s 2nd teams (‘Assassins’) – in university league matches, and the Varsity match.

All advanced fencers are expected to have BFA membership, and should purchase this upon joining the club if they do not already have it.


  • Can purchase private lessons with Tomek, in whichever weapon, at the start of each term.
  • Can attend free fencing on Monday, Thursday, and Friday evenings.
  • May, by invitation, be asked to attend Wednesday morning training with Tomek (generally for selected Blues/Assassins squad members only).
  • Access to club kit during these sessions, though it is advisable that ALL fencers representing the university have as much of their own equipment themselves as possible.